In 1867 a group of Baptized Believers in Christ united together for the purpose of organizing a church. They named it PROMISE LAND MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH. Then a meeting was held, and the first pastor, Rev. Henry Harris, was elected. At first, the only place they had to worship was the various homes of the members. But unified and determined, they built a Bush Arbor on rented land as a place for worship. As time moved on, more members were added and the church’s financial status grew. Through prayer and hard work, a two-acre plot of land was purchased and a church was erected. The membership continued to grow. When Rev. Harris had spent his years of successful service as a pastor and passed on, the church elected Rev. Jim Simon as pastor. After the tenure of Rev. Simon, a succession of ministers carried on the ministry down through the years. They were: Rev. Samuel Weakley Sr., Rev. Frank Sanders, Rev. Daniel Becton, Rev. Theodore Brevard, Rev. Allen Voss, Rev. Frank Pennington, Rev. Albert Cooperwood, Rev. C. L. Watson, Rev. Lee Steverson, Rev. W. M. Shelton, Rev Harold Harvey, Rev. James Burnett, Rev. Gerald Jordan, Rev. Henry Nixon Jr., Rev. Andrew Chambers, and our present pastor.

In the early 1900s, a tragedy took the pastor and members by surprise. After a week of spiritual Revival under the leadership of Rev. Brevard (on a Friday night), the church burned down….a total loss! Rev.Brevard and members went into a schoolhouse erected on the church premises to hold worship services. They worked very hard going from door to door, soliciting money. Various merchants of Millington donated money to help, and along with fund drives, another sanctuary was built. Tragedy struck again in 1935 or1936; a tornado leveled the building. And again, the structure was a total loss. The pastor then was Rev. Steverson, who with the members, returned to the schoolhouse for worship service. Through sincere prayers and dedicated work, another church was built and completed by 1947. Under the leadership of Rev. W. M. Shelton, Promise Land Baptist Church has survived through another disaster, offset and trials. We cannot forget the pastoral ministry of Rev. Harold Harvey, Who pastured the church longer than any other minister mentioned. Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church’s outstanding endeavors are like the Old Ship of Zion… yet moving on… waving its Spiritual banner inviting Saints and Sinners to get on board. Its mission is clear. Sinners to be saved and Saints encouraged to continue in the fellowship of believers

The dedicated members of Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church, past and present, know that we could not have been so successful had it not been for the work of those PIONEERS of more than one hundred years ago. Through unwavering faith in a benevolent God and rich traditions, our forefathers left a real foundation: leaving a church is a homecoming memory, a reunion, and an old fashion spiritual revival. A time to look back and be thankful for the past, to plan for the future… but most of all, to press on to a higher goal in Spiritual service for the Most High King.
Compiled by the late Sis. Magnolia Russell